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We are an international, diverse and dynamic research team and welcome scientists from all over the world. We have several ongoing ERC- and WWTF-funded research projects that aim at understanding the neurobiological mechanisms of emotion and cognition using electrophysiological, behavioral, genetic and in vivo imaging techniques. See details below and follow us on Twitter to see the newest job announcements.

Postdoctoral candidates

Are you interested in understanding how the brain processes emotion and cognition on molecular and circuit level? We are looking for postdoctoral team members with experience in electrophysiology, data analysis and animal handling. Additional external postdoctoral funding opportunities can be found here.



PhD students

Unfortunately, our lab is currently full. Please have a look here for additional options to study at MedUni Vienna.

Research technicians

If you are interested in supporting our team with molecular biology, histology, imaging techniques and general lab maintenance, please contact for pre-inquiries. New positions will be available mid 2023. Please familiarize yourself with visa requirements beforehand Link

Research internships

Inquiries from highly talented and motivated students are always welcome. Please familiarize yourself with available funding opportunities in your country/university here. For pre-inquiries, contact